Honorary Research Fellow

April Rosenblum

April Rosenblum (she/her) is a Jewish writer and independent scholar whose work focuses on race, class, Jewish identity and movement building. Her essays have been featured in The Washington Post, Haaretz and Jewish Currents. Her research on Black/Jewish interconnection emerges out of her experience as a white Jewish child of radicals raised in a Black community. She received a Master’s in History at York University for her exploration of why an overtly Jewish Left did not emerge at the core of the New Left following the Second Red Scare, ” ‘We rarely look each other in the eye’: The Making of an Invisible Jewish Left in the 1960s U.S.” Her most well-known piece, the Left manual on antisemitism The Past Didn’t Go Anywhere (2007), was influential in shaping the consciousness of many activists who helped to lead Jewish resistance in the Trump era. She is currently at work on a nonfiction narrative which aims to help the broad public understand Black/Jewish interconnection in the 20th century U.S. through the lens of an unsolved 1970s crime.

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