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The Birkbeck Institute for the Study of Antisemitism holds seminars, workshops and conferences for scholars, and lectures, discussions and film screenings that are open to everyone.

Seminar Series

October 2021 – July 2022

Race, Religion and Difference in the Nineteenth Century

In collaboration with the Centre for Nineteenth Century Studies at Durham/Newcastle and Northumbria Universities

This interdisciplinary seminar programme explores how multiple discourses on race and religion intersected in the global nineteenth century, and generated, reinforced and/or challenged notions of human difference.

How did nineteenth-century anti-Catholicism conjugate with opposition to antisemitism? In what ways were campaigns against the enslavement of Black people and Islamophobia mutually constitutive?

Beyond Camps and Forced Labour Virtual Symposium: New initiatives and debates around Holocaust memorialisation
Wiener Holocaust Library Collections

To mark the postponed seventh international multidisciplinary conference, Beyond Camps and Forced Labour, this virtual symposium will explore new international debates in Holocaust memorialisation.

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Mapping the Holocaust
Geographies of the Holocaust


1st February, 2022

Mapping the Holocaust

Professor Tim Cole, University of Bristol

Forty years after the first edition of Martin Gilbert’s ‘Atlas of the Holocaust’ was published. Professor Cole examines four decades of mapping the Holocaust in the analogue and digital age. He also poses a broader question: why should historians and the wider public concern themselves with mapping the past?

The Presence/Absence of Israel as an Object of Focus in Britain’s Public Holocaust Memory

Webinar | For Scholars

8th February, 2022

The Presence/Absence of Israel as an Object of Focus in Britain’s Public Holocaust Memory

David Tollerton, University of Exeter

In contemporary Britain, the relationship between public Holocaust memory and discussion of the State of Israel is both sensitive and complex. In this talk David Tollerton will discuss a too-often unacknowledged aspect of the Holocaust’s legacy in 21st century Britain.

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The Birkbeck Institute for the Study of Antisemitism is the only centre in the UK, and one of only two centres in Europe, whose mission is to promote understanding of antisemitism.

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