Senior Lecturer in History at the University of Westminster

Ludivine Broch

Ludivine specializes in Second World War history and memory. Her first book, Ordinary Workers: French Railwaymen, Vichy and the Holocaust (Cambridge University Press, 2016) reframed the role of railwaymen in the history and memory of Jewish deportations from France in 1942-44. Her research on trains in the Holocaust emphasizes the complexities of collaboration in the genocide and is contributing to the new Holocaust Galleries being redesigned at the Imperial War Museum.

Ludivine is one of the few to discuss the role of black and North African resisters in Vichy France and has also highlighted the overlap between antisemitic and racist discrimination along the demarcation line in 1940 in her article ‘Colonial Subjects and Citizens in the French Internal Resistance’ (2019).

She has talked about Nazi-Occupied Europe on radio, television and at the Jewish Film Festival (2019), contextualising stories of resistance, antisemitism and deportation.

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