Antisemitism in American History: Reflections and Ways Forward

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8th December, 2021
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
Britt Tevis
Free seminar for scholars: please contact for further information
Antisemitism, Jews, history of, Populism, Race / Racism
Europe, UK, USA
20th century
American exceptionalism, American Jewish Congress, Anti-Black racism, Anti-immigrant prejudice, Anti-Jewish discrimination, Capitalism, David Sorkin, Hasia Diner, Historiography, Jewish emancipation, John Higham, Jonathan Sarna, Leonard Dinnerstein, Oscar Handlin, Political antisemitism, Seligman Affair, Social antisemitism, Tony Michaels, whiteness

This event was scheduled to take place on the 1 December. However, due to University and College Union strike action on this day it has postponed. The seminar will now be held on Wednesday 8 December at 1.00pm.

In the last several years, episodes of anti-Jewish violence in the United States have prompted scholars to rethink traditional models for understanding anti-Jewish bigotry, discrimination, and violence in the country. In this seminar, Britt Tevis will address the intellectual history of how scholars have traditionally conceptualized antisemitism in the U.S. and offer alternative frameworks, which present antisemitism as intrinsically linked to anti-Black racism, Islamophobia, and other forms of racial hatred. 

Britt P. Tevis, J.D./Ph.D., is a historian whose research lies at the intersection of American Jewish and legal history. She has published articles in the Journal of American History, the American Journal of Legal History, and American Jewish History. Currently, she is completing a book about the history of Jewish lawyers in the United States titled May It Displease the Court: Jewish Lawyers and the Democratization of American Law. 

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