Antisemitisms: A Variety of Meanings? – Roundtable

The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute in collaboration with the Birkbeck Institute for the Study of Antisemitism and others.

Event Information and Booking

1st June, 2022
3:15 pm - 4:30 pm
Danny Trom, CNRS, France; Karma Ben Johanan, The Humboldt University of Berlin; Adi M. Ophir, Brown University (Emeritus) and Tel Aviv University; Raef Zreik, The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute. Chair: Shai Lavi, The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute and Tel Aviv University
Livestream from The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute (This event immediately follows the public lecture and shares the same meeting link)

In this roundtable, scholars with diverse views will discuss the questions of whether anti-Zionism is antisemitic. Is it right to link the fight against antisemitism to other struggles against racism and xenophobia? Can antisemitism be defined, and do existing definitions advance the fight against it? 

This event is part of the international workshop Defining Antisemitism: between history and politics hosted by the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute, 31 May – 1 June. At the workshop, scholars from different disciplines will examine the current debate over definitions of antisemitism and explore what is at stake. The aim is to contribute historical and theoretical depth to a heated political debate.  

Podcasts & Videos

Watch: Antisemitisms: A Variety of Meanings? - Roundtable (Shift the time to 1:03:00 to view this event which followed the public lecture on the same link)

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