Antisemitic Conspiracy Theories

In the global present, antisemitism thrives on conspiracy theories, yet to date scholars have paid little attention to their content. Preliminary research demonstrates that, far from being much like each other, antisemitic conspiracy theories change over time, both with regard to the claims they make and the way they make them.  

This project will provide a pathbreaking inventory and analysis of global antisemitic conspiracy theories and their claims to comprehend power relations both locally and globally. It will shed a unique light on the contemporary threat to democratic life and its connection to antisemitism.  

Contact: David Feldman, Director, Birkbeck Institute for the Study of Antisemitism.

Image credit: An image of revolution used to illustrate The Cause of World’s Unrest (1920). The book made connections between contemporary revolutions, civil unrest, and the plans for world conquest infamously set out in the forgery, Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

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