Muslim-Jewish Encounter, Diversity and Distance in Urban Europe: Religion, Culture and Social Model

This transnational collaborative project explores the specificities of and commonalities between Muslim-Jewish encounters in urban Europe, shaped by different national histories of integration, including the place of religion in social and political life, but also by local arrangements of diversity, to better understand how different types of relations might arise. At the national scale, this includes an examination of migration and colonial histories, and of classical models – British “pluralism”, French “republicanism”, German “federalism” – that involve different settlements between the public sphere, national and ethnic identities, and confessional or religious diversity.

The project advances interdisciplinary collaboration across six leading European research universities, involving sociologists, anthropologists, urbanists and migration policy experts. Project Team: Ben Gidley (Overall project lead & UK, London city lead), Matthias Koenig (Joint Germany lead, Frankfurt city lead), Anne-Sophie Lamine (France lead, Strasbourg city lead), Steven Vertovec (Joint Germany lead, Berlin city lead) and others.

Funded by the Open Research Area (ORA) for the Social Sciences.

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