Muslims and Jews: Citizenship, Identity and Prejudice in Europe, the US and Israel

This international research project (2012-2014) was devised by Professor David Feldman, Director of the Institute, in collaboration with Professor Arieh Kochavi, Herzl Institute for the Research and Study of Zionism, University of Haifa.

Through a series of five workshops, held in five countries, the project sought to explore the ways Muslims and Jews experience and respond to multiculturalism, antisemitism and Islamophobia today. The workshops also examined the phenomena of antisemitism, Islamophobia and racism more broadly, both in the context of these multicultural societies, and in relation to contemporary attitudes towards Israel.

Three other research centres participated in this interdisciplinary project: the Centre National de la Recherche Scientific, Paris; Center for Research on Antisemitism, Technical University, Berlin; and the Taub Center for Israel Studies, New York University.

The findings from the workshops and some of the same team contributed to a later research project, ‘Antisemitism and Immigration in Western Europe Today’.

Professor David Feldman, Director – 3

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Professor David Feldman, Director

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