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Antisemitism Now

May 2022 - December 2022

We are living through a global crisis of democracy which in many cases takes an antisemitic form or is expressed by heightened antisemitism. At the same time, antisemitism generates new threats to Jewish life and new concerns among Jews today. This seminar provides a forum for academic research and discussion on the character, causes and extent of antisemitism today and what can and should be done about it.

Decoding Antisemitism: Hate Speech and Imagery Online


19th May, 2022

Decoding Antisemitism: Hate Speech and Imagery Online

Matthias J Becker, Technische Universität Berlin

This pathbreaking project investigates the extent and forms of antisemitic hate speech on websites and social media platforms in France, Germany and the UK.

In this talk, Dr Becker will outline the project’s approach and its practical application: developing AI machine learning capable of recognizing explicit and implicit antisemitic hate speech.

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